We have been learning about the Old and New Testament in class. We have read and listened to lots of stories from the Old and New Testament. We know that stories in the Old Testament tell us about the people of God before Jesus was born. Stories in the New Testament are about Jesus and his miracles after the birth of Jesus. Here are some videos of the stories we’ve learnt about. Watch them at home with your mums and dads.












The Nativity Story.



During Advent we are waiting and preparing for the birth of Jesus- God’s son. Join in and sing Silent night.






Join in and sing along to this beautiful Christmas carol.





We are learning about the Bible in class at the  moment. We are reading lots of Old Testament and New Testament stories. We enjoy listening to you tube clips about them. Have a listen to some of our favorites.




The story of Noah’s Ark.


Look at the story of The Wedding at Cana.


Have a listen to the New Testament bible story called The Prodigal Son.

We have been learning about the bible story “Jesus feeds the 5000”. Here are two you tube clips about it.

If I were a butterfly – We are singing this song in class this term
because we are learning about minibeasts.


25 thoughts on “Religion

  1. Dear Mrs Bonso,
    I enjoyed the song, “If I were a butterfly”.I learnt that we are all special.

    From Richeny

  2. Dear Mrs Bonso,
    I watched the story about Jesus feeds five thousand people and it was very easy to listen to.
    It was very easy to understand.

    From Larney

  3. Dear Mrs Bonso,
    I listened to the story of “Adam and Eve”.
    It was was a great story for Religion and
    the class blog. I hope you have other
    storyies to put on our class blog!
    From Isabella.

    • Hi Isabella,
      I’m glad you are enjoying the Religious stories on the blog.
      I will add some Christmas ones soon.
      Mrs Bonso

  4. Dear Mrs Bonso,
    I watched some of the bible stories.
    They are really good stories.
    Thank you for posting it!
    From Richeny

  5. Dear Mrs Bonso,
    I listened to song “The
    virgin Mary had a baby boy”
    and it was a great song to
    listen to.I wonder if there
    are other Christmas songs?

    From Isabella

  6. Dear Mrs Bonso, I enjoyed watching and singing every little thing I do.Thank you for putting that song on the blog.From Victoria.

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