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This is a song we have been singing this week to teach us about contractions. Sing along!

13 thoughts on “Literacy

  1. Dear 1/2MB,
    I like to watch the contractions video.I learnt that contractions take 1 or 2 letters out and put in an apostrophe.
    I really like contractions.

    From Richeny

  2. Dear Dylan,
    Your’re correct- you can’t play on the blog but you can download it for free and play it on your iPad.
    Isn’t that amazing!

    From Richeny

  3. Dear Mrs Bonso,
    I really like this video about contractions.
    I sometimes watch it again and again when I go on the blog.
    I think this is a great video and I really like it.
    I think you will like it too.
    From your class student Trang.

  4. Hello Mrs Bonso, This message was from Vivian. She told me to say “Hi”. I want to know if you could tell me whens your birthday? Also how old are you? Anyways bye

    • Hi Cathy, I’m glad you and your sister are enjoying our class blog.
      My birthday was on 16th February- already over for this year.
      Bye for now, Mrs Bonso

  5. Dear 1/2mb, Heres a message for all of you and Mrs Bonso. If you have spare time can you please read this to the whole class ???? ok! Dear 1/2mb thank you for being in my class this year. You are all so kind to me and I want to say thank you. From Cathy

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