Puffing Billy Whole School Excursion

On Friday 16th March we all went to Puffing Billy for a whole school excursion.

We had a great day! Here are some photos!!

6 thoughts on “Puffing Billy Whole School Excursion

  1. I had fun at Puffing Billy with the whole school ! I was so excited to go on Puffing Billy with my mum, Mrs Bonso and my class .
    From Nicholas.

    • Hi Nicholas,
      I’m glad you enjoyed Puffing Billy.
      I had a great time too and was glad your mum could
      come and help us.
      Mrs Bonso

  2. Hello Mrs Bonso,
    How are you today?
    I liked going to Puffing Billy- it was sort of scary but really fun!
    Did you have fun?

    From:Cathy Nguyen

      • Thank you Mrs Bonso- I liked your reply thank you very much and also I had my birthday. When you get back please check in your bucket and see what I have for you.
        from Cathy

  3. I LOVED going to puffing billy- it was the BeST day of my life.I also LOVED sticking my head out of the train and we were so up high in the sky, and it was scary .My favourite part was when we got on the train and stuck our heads out. I LOVED GOING THERE.

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