Melbourne Museum Excursion

On Thursday we went to the Melbourne Museum and saw lots of minibeasts, insects

and bugs. We were given a talk about the differences between insects and bugs, went for

a walk through the rain forest searching for insects and went and saw a 3D movie in the

IMAX cinema, all about bugs and insects. We had a fantastic day! Here are some photos.

Look at our meal worms

We have just got our meal worms. We keep them in a container on our

tables and check them regularly to see what they are doing and to see

how they are changing. We put a fresh carrot in every few days for them to


Easter Egg Hunt

Today all the year 1/2’s went outside to have an Easter Egg Hunt in the school yard.

First, we all went outside and were told what to do.

Then, we all ran around trying to find as many eggs as we could.

Next, we put our eggs in a straight line and counted them.

Our class found 128 eggs!

Miss Nguyen’s class found the most. They found 252 eggs!!! Lucky them!!!

We had a great time hunting for Easter Eggs.