Historical Society Visit

On Friday 26th August we walked to the Historical Society. Colin met us there and he

spoke to us about what farming was like 100 years ago. He told us that children our age

worked hard helping their parents on the farm. We learnt that cows were milked by hand and

that the land had to be ploughed by hand as well. Farming was a lot harder 100 years ago

compared to now where a lot of machinery is used. Then we went into another room in the Historical

society and saw what houses would have been like 100 years ago. Finally, we walked back to school

and had  our lunch. We enjoyed visiting the Historical Society.

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Collingwood Farm Excursion

On Tuesday the 9th of August four of the 1/2 classes went to the Collingwood Farm. We got to the farm by bus. When we arrived at the farm, farmer Jess took our class on a tour of the farm. We met Fina the cow and got to brush her coat. We saw farmer Richard milk Fina. The milk was warm when we felt the bucket. We also got to feed the horses, chickens and sheep. Lots of the animals on the farm were pregnant because it is almost Spring time- the season when new born animals arrive. We had a great time seeing all the different farm animals and learning about the food they provide. We know that cows give us milk which is used to make butter and cheese. Chickens give us eggs and sheep provide us with wool for  making jumpers.