is/are rhyme- Practice at home!

Here is an is/are chant we are learning this week at school. Practice it at home!

The earth is turning,

The toast is burning,

The water is boiling,

The tea kettle’s whistling,

The nozzle is leaking,

The floor is creaking,

The plants are dying,

The kids are crying.


What’s burning?

The toast is burning.

What’s boiling?

The water is boiling.

How are the plants?

The plants are dying.

How are the kids?

The kids are crying.

Easter Egg Hunt

We started Term 2 off with an Easter egg hunt. Each of the Year 1/2’s went outside and hunted for Easter eggs. Our class found 100 Easter eggs!! We got to keep our eggs and put them in our baskets. The Easter Bunny left us some eggs over the holidays. We got 7 Easter eggs in total. 

easter eggs