Mrs Sargood Incursion

On Tuesday a guest came to our school from Ripponlea. She was dressed
from the 1880’s and was pretending to be Mrs Sargood who lived in the 1800’s.
She told us about her 12 children and the 35 servants she had to cook, clean
and wash for her. She then gave us ink and a quill pen to practice handwriting
skills. She showed us the school bell and the cane and talked about how naughty
children would get the cane on their hands. We enjoyed learning about Mrs Sargood.


Welcome to Our New Class Blog!

Yesterday we went on an excursion to the Springvale Historical Society. We learnt about schools in the past. We saw the old school bell, the aprons that girls wore to school, old photos of St. Joseph’s school, toys children used to play with and even a bathtub that the whole family used once a week to wash!! We enjoyed learning about Schools past from Colin the guest speaker. We even had a go at riding an old billy cart that children would ride to the shops to buy milk and bread for their mums. We had a great time and learnt so much!


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